Dear Friend,

balloonsIt has been an honor to serve the residents of the 43rd District as State Representative. I have been blessed with the opportunity to represent some of the finest people and communities in the State of Michigan and I look forward to continuing my public service.

Our state has made significant progress, and there is still much more to come. The economy is my top priority. There is no such thing as ‘good enough’ when it comes to job creation for struggling families.

I am committed to finding the best solutions for revitalizing our economy and preventing the economic situation in Michigan from worsening for those seeking employment. The best way to help the unemployed in Michigan is to help them find jobs.

As chair of the House Health policy committee, I have led the fight against job-killing federal healthcare mandates. I maintain my commitment to ensuring Michigan residents have access to 21st century health care while protecting from over-reaching government regulations. Serving in this role has allowed me to advocate for the reforms Michigan needs and fight to protect our civil liberites from government intrusion. I’m excited to be part of efforts to reform our state and create jobs in Michigan.

You might have noticed that there are many political races warming up and I hope to be one of the candidates you support early in the campaign season.

Many of you perhaps have seen my opinion editorials in the local papers, my bi-monthly e-newsletter, my tributes presented around the community, and my local sponsorships for various non-profit organizations. My continuing commitment to our community should beclear and it should be no surprise that I wish to continue to serve Waterford, Lake Angelus and West Bloomfield.

As you may know, I was selected by my peers in the State Legislature to serve as Associate Majority Whip when my second term began in 2011. Your support is vital so that I can continue to represent our community in these vital House leadership roles.

I’d like to thank you in advance for your continued support. There is a great deal of work to be done in Lansing to improve our state government and I am more than up to the task.


Gail Haines
State Representative
43rd District